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Ysense-Paid To Click You Can Trust

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Hi, I'm Mevonnie Hugh - an independent business owner who loves to help people. I promote business opportunities & healthy living online and offline, and also offer one-on-one guidance for anyone with skills looking to start a home business.

I started out online with a free website using the webs builder which I later upgraded to my very own domain and now that webs has shut down, I have moved to the wix platform. I wish to share some of the blogs from the previous builder with you.

Ysense-Paid To Click You Can Trust

Previously Posted by Mevonnie Hugh on August 20, 2013 at 5:35 PM via webs

Ysense-Paid to click you can trust-Proearn's blog
Ysense-Paid to click you can trust

Last week I heard someone saying that he would just like to start making some US Dollars online. Well, with all the scams waiting to take what little you have, it is frustrating knowing just where to start.

It was like that for me. I had no idea where to begin until I saw an ad for Clixsense. I could get paid when I viewed advertisements, played the ClixGrid game, complete offers/tasks and they had 8 levels of referral. I did some online research, but there was no one in my country that I could get verification from about whether or not I would actually get paid at the end of all that clicking.

So I went with my instincts, signed up, started clicking now and then and believe me, it took me two years to actually get money in my hands. It took that long because I was not consistent in my clicking and I was also using the money I made to run ad campaigns for my other programmes. Anyway, one day after reaching over $15 I requested $10 by cheque because I did not have any other way of receiving payment in Jamaica at that time.

Can you believe the shock when I got a cheque in my mailbox from Clixsense? But guess what? My mailbox is a dry-weather box so the envelope got wet! I wasn’t sure how my bank would handle the water damaged cheque so I contacted Clixsense and asked them if it were possible for them to put a stop payment on the cheque and return the money to my account. They did, and that was proof enough for me that this was a company I could trust.

Get a Ysense Account

NB. FYI: Clixsense has changed to Ysense guys but you can still earn with them completing survey offers and various other tasks.

I recommend signing up for a Ysense account to start your online piggy bank, even if you have other income stream opportunities generating cash for you.


If you would just like to start making some US Dollars online for free, you know just where to start - Ysense-the paid to click you can trust.

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