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WORKING WITH YOUR SKILLS                                        PHONE CREDIT SALES

Working With Your Skills

How do I start earning with my skills?


To start earning with your skills, you will need to prepare your most profitable offers for prospective clients, including cost, time and details. Learn how to start earning with your skills as a freelancer here:



How do I find my best earning skills?


Need help to find your best earning skills? Book a Free Consultation here:


Who is a freelancer?


A freelancer is an independent contractor who is self-employed and is not committed to any specific employer on a long-term basis. Learn more about freelancing here:


How does freelancing work?


A freelancer provides service to interested clients/companies and is paid directly by these clients/companies.


How much can I make freelancing?


That depends on you and the quality of your skillset. To get an idea of how much you can earn, you could compare your skills with the going rates of similar skills at some of the top freelancing websites, such as Fiverr.

Is there a skill I can learn and start earning from right now?


Sure. Please fill out the form for Micro Freelancing here:



Is there something I can do to start earning right now without skills?


There are jobs you can do now if you can follow some simple instructions. Please browse through the micro jobs here:



Can you help me to start making money with my skills?


Yes, please book a Free Consultation here:



Are there any online opportunities that will help me to start making money?


1. Are you familiar with affiliate marketing? You could join this company for free and start earning by promoting their products and services.


2. You could try this other affiliate marketing business for free and market their health products.

How do I sign up for an online job on this website?


Please visit any one of these sites for remote online jobs. If you find one of interest, simply click on the link to sign-up and get started.


Look at some micro jobs you can do to earn money here:

Phone Credit Sales

How to become a digital phone-to-phone vendor?


Please read more about phone credit sales and choose your option on this page: then click the appropriate link to sign up.



How does this phone credit business work?


THIS IS HOW IT WORKS: When you sign-up, a phone account is created for you. Your phone account is now linked to the cell phone that you signed up with. Your phone account works similarly to a bank account where you would use a debit card to withdraw funds. In this case, your phone/computer is used to access the money in your phone account to purchase phone credit.


EXAMPLE: you send a text message to the platform, and money is subtracted from your phone account to order and pay for credit from Lime/Digicel. Lime/Digicel sends the credit to your customer’s phone. The platform replies to your phone with a message that the credit has been sent to the specified phone number and informs you of the balance on your phone account.



How much does it cost to sign up to sell phone credit?


There is no fee to sign up to sell phone credit. Money is required to fund your account in order to begin selling credit.



Is it credit that I’m getting on my phone account?


No. We do NOT put credit on our phone accounts. We deposit CASH into our phone accounts and then sell credit from the money in the account. It is a CASH payment that is sent through the platform. When Lime or Digicel collect a payment, they then send the relevant CREDIT to the customer's phone.


Which is the best account to sign-up with for selling phone credit?


It all depends on what you would like to do. 


Signup with Coolbiz as a Distributor and earn retail profit and commissions networking. 


Choose a Coolbiz Retail account if you are not interested in building a network but would like credit at a reasonable cost.  Sign up with Coolbiz here:



Do I need a Lime phone and a Digicel phone to sell credit?

No. You can use one phone, whether your Lime or Digicel phone, to sell credits for both networks.



Do I need to have credit on my phone to sell via text messaging?


No. Text messaging through the platform is free.




How do I signup for a Coolbiz account?


Please use your phone and follow the instructions on this page:



Someone signed me up and sent me an account number and pin but I need a username and password to log into my Coolbiz account.

How do I get a username and password for Coolbiz?


Please go to this page and put in your phone number:

Then click on the box that says "I already have a (mobile only) Coolbiz account. Complete the rest of the form by creating a username and password. Retype the password to confirm it and add your email address. Click the "Create account" button.

If you did not see your question here, please send us a message, thanks.

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