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Micro Jobs

What is a micro job?

A micro job is small task type work which takes a short time to complete. They require little to no skill, you just need to be able to follow instructions. So if you are a little short on skills, maybe this could be a start to micro freelancing jobs for you. A word of advice; if you think you cannot deliver a job, do not take it in the first place. If a job states that you should be from a specific country, don’t take it if you are not. Your account could get terminated for false statements.

Okay, so you could be earning money by following instructions such as:

-Researching online for websites similar to a particular one

-Write a comment for a website

-Like or share a certain page on social media

-Leave a comment for a certain page on social media

-Give a rating for a website

-Write a review for a product or website

-Write a review for an app

-Write an article

-Find images based on keywords supplied

-Follow someone on social media

-Search, visit and find contact details for websites, etc.

These jobs are normally accessed through crowd sourcing websites set for such and pays in pocket change. But do not bash the pocket change. I normally throw my pocket change into my piggy bank and watch it grow. If you can find time to supplement your piggy bank through online pocket change, take a look at some of these international companies that offer these types of jobs:

1. Clixsense

  • get paid for taking surveys
  • completing various tasks such as finding websites, researching, confirming, etc.
  • completing offers such as watching videos, trying new products, signing up for websites, etc.

Payments are made via Payoneer, Skrill, Dwolla, Tango Card or by Cheque once you have earned the minimum US$10.

Visit Clixsense:  


2. Rapidworkers

* get paid to perform many varied small tasks

* minimum withdrawal is $8

* get paid via Paypal

* payments sent within 24 to 48 hours

* withdrawal fees are 6%

Visit Rapidworkers: 

3. Spare 5

Spare 5 is little bit different from Rapidworkers. The company has an app for your IOS device that you can download (sorry, they don’t work for android phones) or you can work online.

When you signup you are asked to do the training tasks first so that you can qualify and learn the skills necessary to complete the paid tasks. After the training you will get a test run with a tasks that qualifies you so you can earn that mighty dollar doing the paid tasks. Tasks includes outlining objects in a picture, writing short descriptions, creating keywords and tagging images. It’s just a matter of paying attention and remaining focused. But you can do that!

  • get paid via Paypal
  • pay-out threshold is $1
  • payments processed weekly

Visit Spare 5:  

4. Timebucks

  • get paid to watch videos
  • get paid to complete offers, tasks and surveys
  • get paid to view websites
  • earn by selling your unused computer processing power

You can request payment when you have reached the minimum payout of $10 via Payeer, Paypal or Bitcoin.

Visit Timebucks: 

5. BTC Clicks

  • earn bitcoins for viewing ads
  • Earn up to 0.00034 mBTC per click
  • earn 40% to 80% referral commission

A low minimum payout of 0.10000 mBTC. However, withdrawing to a bitcoin address an amount less than 10.00000 mBTC will delay the processing of your payment by up to 24 hours and they will charge you a 1.5% fee.

Visit BTC Clicks: 

What could you do with some extra pocket change for a little of your spare time...


Still searching...? Read on for more micro jobs below...

Still thinking that you don’t have any skills? Even if you think that you don't have any skills, you could easily earn with a freelancing gig doing any of the following:

1. CATEGORY  - Business: Distribute flyers.

2. CATEGORY  - Social Media Marketing: Like and Share services on social media.

3. CATEGORY  - Writing & Translations: Articles and Blogs: Leave comment on blogs.

4. CATEGORY  - Writing & Translations: Articles and Blogs: Write a review for a website.

5. CATEGORY - Writing & Translations: Translate from any language to English.

6. CATEGORY - Lifestyle Services: Promote message: Display client’s message or logo on the beach, car, etc.

7. CATEGORY - Lifestyle Services: Other: Be a photo, video model.

8. CATEGORY - Lifestyle Services: Other: Be an ambassador/model for a product or brand.

9. CATEGORY - Lifestyle Services: Other: Make a custom birthday video.

You can offer any of these gigs on freelancing sites such as Fiverr, Gigbucks, Zeerk, Fourerr, etc. It’s a start to get your foot in the door as a freelancer. In the meantime, increase or improve your skills so you can move on to bigger bucks.



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