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Earning Opportunities

I have listed several opportunities where you can start earning money from home. Some are free to start and others require a little out-of-pocket money to get going.  Here are some of the easiest and most legitimate Jamaican/international opportunities to jump-start your financial freedom and unleash your earning potential.

Jamaican Opportunity

Phone Credit Sales

Signup with your Lime (Flow) or Digicel phone and an account is created and linked to the phone number used for registration. The main point of sale for all transactions is a cell phone. A small investment is required to fund the phone account. Cash will be pulled from that account whenever an order for credit is placed.  Members are asked to add the appropriate markup to the product for resale to customers. In addition to the retail profit generated, commissions are earned through points accumulated from sales every month.   

International Opportunities

Health Products Sales

Start your online health store completely FREE!   Make extra cash with these best-selling health products that almost sell themselves! No monthly purchases are necessary to promote these products. You can become an affiliate marketer by promoting products for hair, anti-ageing, general health, sexual health, mental health and more!

Micro Jobs

A micro job is a small task type of work which takes a short time to complete. They require little to no skill, but you should be able to follow instructions properly.  This could be to search, visit and find contact details for websites, write a review, write an article, etc.

Website Testing

There are companies that will pay you in cash to review their websites. They are willing to pay you for your genuine feedback on their products or services.  By trying new products, and apps, and navigating and testing links, you can help them to fine-tune their websites, apps and software. 

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