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More Ways To Earn Extra Dollars

You are probably familiar with some popular ways to earn extra cash:-

Baby Sitting, Clowning at Children's parties, Driving Lesson Instructor, Door to Door Sales, Freelance Writer, Car Wash, Handyman, Juice Selling Stand, Part-time Taxi Service or Private Tutoring.  Here are some others you might want to try:

Yard Sweeper


Many people may have a gardener who comes in monthly to cut their lawns, hedges, etc. but these days not everyone has the time to keep up with simply keeping the yard clean.  As a yard sweeper, you can charge a reasonable fee and spend an hour or two daily, weekly, or as is convenient to your client and sweep that lawn, driveway, backyard, clean out garden beds, etc.  Early morning before work or after work in the evening is ideal.



Baking and Marketing Snack Items


You may be able to make cupcake-size puddings, fruit cakes, etc.  Why not make a few of your favourites, and take them to work with you?  You might be surprised how many people look forward to a treat during coffee breaks or after lunch.  You may even find that you get offers from your friends' place of work.



Friendly Garbage Disposal Service


Every so often your garbage truck has huge setbacks in collecting the neighborhood garbage.  Do you have a small truck?  Why not ask to dispose of their garbage along with yours when your road seems overwhelmed with garbage?



Teach Your Skill


What are your skills? Your hobbies? Are you a proficient teacher, plumber, carpenter, dancer, or chef?  You could offer classes to people who want to improve their skills or learn a skill.



Renting Out Your Vehicle


I have heard that there are people who rent out their cars, etc. for a few days but I do not know what the contract is like.  Maybe you could find out how feasible this is. Jamaicans can try listing their vehicles here:



Throw Special Parties


Holidays come every so often and sometimes people need somewhere to go and celebrate,  but because of the exorbitant entry fees for certain party spots, most of us cannot afford to do so.  Why not get in the spirit at say Valentine's and rent a venue, or use your own home if you have the space and throw a Valentine's Day party?   You could charge a small entry fee and provide drinks, snacks, suggest a dress code, etc.  Invite a few well-known guests to make it memorable.



Renting Out Your Patio or Lawn


This is not new.  Lots of people have been renting out their lawns and patios for weddings, birthday parties and wedding receptions.  If you have a nice patio you could be making some good money.



Selling Easy To Manage Fruit Snacks


Nowadays not everyone can afford to buy fruits.  Some may only be able to buy two or three.  What if you make small fruit salads of some popular fruits such as apples, ripe bananas, pineapples, grapes, cantaloupe, kiwi, etc?  Just a few cubes of each together make a healthy snack or even lunch for the dieters.   You could provide these small packs to lunch wagons or maybe you already have a fruit stand? this could be a profitable addition.



Selling Your Art and Craft


If you have art pieces, crafts, etc. that you are trying to sell, you could ask businesses to display them in their lobbies for you and offer a small commission when you get a sale.



Mobile Personal Services


You could offer your mani-pedi, hairdresser, stylist, barber, or masseuse services in-home and charge a reasonable transportation fee.  At present some persons are charging ridiculous multiple transportation fees for each service they perform on just one visit. 

Personal Shopper or Errand Runner


It is very difficult sometimes to find the time to accomplish all that we would like to when we are busy running a business or are unable to leave the office, etc.  You could offer your time to purchase and deliver items on someone's say grocery shopping list, clothing and accessories list, pay bill, etc.



Neighbourly After School Sitter


Are you good friends with your neighbours? Maybe your neighbours a few houses down the road wouldn't mind having his or her child stay at your home after school.  You could see to it that the child's homework is done and offer a snack until their parents get home.



Garage Sale

Trusted old garage sales can generate well-needed cash from time to time.  Nowadays if you have leftover items you can easily sell them online.



Holiday Decorator


Many of us do not have the know-how or the time to decorate our homes or businesses for the holidays.  You could provide the lights and other decorations required for the job and make it a memorable time for all.



Window Dresser


Another thing you could do if you love decorating is to offer to do dress shops, department stores, basically any business that sells merchandise.



In-Home Pet Groomer


Do you work with animals?  Try offering the in-home service to your clients.



Pet Sitter


Do you love animals?  Some people would like to have somewhere, besides a kennel, to leave their pets when they go on holiday, on short trips, or just for a day.



Door to Door Car Wash Service


Time is so limited for some that you could send out flyers, word of mouth, etc. and let your customers know that you can visit their location to get the job done.



Pet House Fabricator


Are you a carpenter? You could send out word that you build dog houses, cat boxes, birdhouses, etc.


Rent Out Your Driveway


Ever noticed when there are certain events around town how far away from the location persons have to go to find parking? If you are living in an area where there is a constant need for parking and you have the space, you can rent out your driveway or extra front yard space for less than a commercial lot and make some easy cash. Don't forget about people with trucks who have nowhere to park them but on the streets.

With the rate at which vehicles are being stolen from off the streets, this would be a welcome relief to some, especially if you have security features in place.

Independent Make-up Artist


Are you a skilled make-up artist? Advertise your skills to apply make-up for special occasions such as parties, graduations, photographic sessions, etc. Many high school and university graduates welcome the idea of having professionally applied makeup for their portraits for these important events.



Sell Your Used Books

Everyone has books in their homes. Why not sell the ones you are no longer using? Many people are looking for textbooks for school and wouldn't mind paying less for used books if they are in good condition. How about novels? Place an ad for 'Used Books Sale' or post some flyers and have a yard sale on books.



Elderly Daycare


Just as it says - start a daycare for the elderly.



Auctioneer for artists

Provide a venue and help struggling or successful artists sell their work.



Rent Out Yourself


A friend of a friend needs someone to hang out with (on a platonic basis only). Go to and signup and you can charge an hourly rate. People rent for all types of activities: sporting events, religious events, sightseeing, family functions, friends with disabled, workout partners, etc.



Sell Your Photographs


If you are a photographer, you can sell your pictures online. Check out Can Stock Photo - Every time one of your images is downloaded you will earn a commission.


NB:  In all the jobs and services you offer, be sure to have multiple references, the proper food handler's permit, check with the security authorities on the laws of noise pollution in your area, proper identification, contact information, insurance and licenses where necessary.

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