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Work at Park Hyatt New York Hotel Scam

Here is an exchange between a young lady from Jamaica who is seeking a job to work in the US. She feels she is being scammed and wishes to share this exchange with others who may feel that this is legit. Her contact information has been removed from the documents for her protection.

Below are copies of four emails received from “Park Hyatt New York” from left to right:

Look at the contract and application forms below:

Notice that they are telling her to contact the travel agency to get her visa and work permit and that after she pays for her work permit she will receive her free ticket? Notice all the other red flags? I say again, beware of scammers!

 Would you like to share your ordeal? Contact me and I’ll be happy to add it here.

Share this with anyone you know who is job hunting. Look out for each other.

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