Unleash Your Earning Potential

Learn To Earn Workshop

Hi, I'm Mevonnie. Let me show you how to earn increasing income in US dollars and/or our local Jamaican currency.

Are you stuck in a 9 to 5 position?

Are you unemployed?

Are you a skilled worker who is having difficulty securing your next job?

Did you know that you can earn a decent income in the new “gig economy”?

Did you know that you can turn the skills you take for granted into a lifelong lucrative business?

If your answer is “YES”, why are you still procrastinating?

                            ANSWER = FEAR

You are afraid of failure.

You are afraid of success.

You are afraid of competition.

You are afraid of taking the first step.

You are afraid of under-qualification.

You are afraid of charging for your work.

You are afraid of the financial uncertainty.

You are afraid that your friends will resent you for leaving them behind.

You are afraid of what people will think if you don’t work with a “big company”.

In my experience as a secretary/manager/business owner, fear is your greatest enemy. Your fear is your largest obstruction. If you would like to learn how to clear a path of unobstructed progress toward making your passion a reality, join me. 

This workshop runs for one to two days depending on how fast you progress. I have only one rule – do not worry about your fears. I’ll guide you through the action steps you need to take to get started. With hands-on, step-by-step guidance and ongoing one-on-one support, together we will jumpstart your ability to become your own boss.


Workshop options include:

  1. Promote and Earn
  2. Market Your Skills
  3. Business Consulting

Promote and Earn (Affiliate Marketing) – learn to promote other people’s products to earn a commission with or without a website.

Market Your Skills – learn to harness your skills and build a business.

Business Consultant – learn to help others with something you know and do best.




1. You will need a computer or laptop with internet access OR access to one.

2. Good command of the English language.

3. The ability to follow instructions properly.

4. Must have a proper address or access to one for a Payoneer card.

5. Certain writing and designing tools and accessories.

6. Your resume and qualifications.

The most important part of any task is starting. If you cannot get motivated in the beginning, you will find motivation after you have started.

Payment options include Paypal, BNS or JN Bank.

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Available in Jamaica only.