Unleash Your Earning Potential

Learn To Earn Workshop

It is possible to earn money online working from the comfort of your home with your skills. Yes, we all have skills. You have primary and secondary skills that could become your freelancing income. If you would like to learn to earn as a freelancer, or if you are already freelancing and your current gigs are not working out, this is for you.

I have spent years researching and building my home business and have used all my knowledge putting this course together for you. I have put in months of work so you don’t have to. With this course you can forget about the rush and learn at your own pace.

People believe in the written word so if you do not have the qualifications to prove that you are an expert in a particular field, you should secure that first. However, for certain fields, experience can count in lieu. You will learn how to identify your marketable skills all the way to finding clients and keeping them. 




1. You will need a computer or laptop with internet access OR access to one.

2. Good command of the English language.

3. The ability to follow instructions properly.

4. Must have a proper address or access to one for a Payoneer card.

5. Relevant writing and designing tools and accessories for your trade.

6. Your resume and qualifications.

The most important part of any task is starting. If you cannot get motivated in the beginning, you will find motivation after you have started.

Working from home has impacted my life drastically. I have been doing it for over 3 years and my current salary could not maintain my lifestyle. I started earning a substantial income in addition to my Salary. I could pay ALL my bills every month and still have money left to save toward my goals and treat myself to something nice. The Jamaican aspect of this opportunity has allowed me to take my business anywhere.

F. Guthrie

"Now I control my destiny."