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Kids’ Online Safety Tips

It’s back to school again and now that you have made all the necessary preparations, it’s time to talk to your kids about being safe online. Your child wants to keep in touch with their friends online, they want to chat and play games but in doing so, they sometimes become targets of those who hide behind fictitious profiles for sinister reasons. It is easier for persons to pretend to be what they are not when you cannot see or talk to them in person.  Keep the lines of communication with your kids open, your child should always be able to talk with you about any subject. Even if you found out that your child has done something inappropriate online he or she should be able to have dialogue with you.

Help your children to protect themselves from cyberbullies and predators by sharing this booklet with them:

Share this video with your child to help them stand up to cyberbullies or help their friends to stand up to cyberbullying: you may need to open it full screen.

For more tips about online safety of your child, please see this PDF document from the FTC - Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online