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Hello and welcome.  I have created this page to give away some free information on various subjects.  I hope you will find them useful.  Please click the images to download, thanks.

365 Daily Success Quotes

10 Steps to Success  in direct sales

Business Financing - how to find money for business ventures of all sizes.
47K Hits for your website
Internet Marketing Dictionary
The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing
The Missing Piece of the PLR (Private Label Rights) Puzzle
Multi-Level Marketing Secrets
10 Cash Flow Strategies for a Successful Business
How to create an e-book from start to finish
How to Make Money from Information
Article Marketing Video Crash Course
Motivation Skills
How to Heal Depression
CIMA Exam Practice Kit - financial accounting fundamentals

Energise's Acid & Alkaline Food Chart

Psychology Student Survival Guide
5 Free Sample Alkaline Recipes.

Losing Weight Nature's Way - know the difference between overweight and obese, how much energy you need and more!

Fat Burning Baking. Bake Your Way To A Better Body  - have your cake and be well too!

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Recent blog entries

Volume 1 - 

 It's time to cook something different.

Volume 2
4 Steps To Permanent Weight Loss -
learn the secrets from a fitness industry insider.

Health Conscious Living – Tips to help get you healthy in body, mind and soul.

Dealing with Prostate Cancer

The Complete Guide to Prevention, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and


All Men Are Brothers – Extracts from Gandhi’s works

Epigrams - quotations

from Gandhi

Fiverr Rockstar - Learn how to setup your Fiverr account and cash in on massive profits.

20 Proven Strategies

 to sponsor motivated prospects into your network marketing business.

Home Remedies to the Rescue - getting the most out of home remedies from a sore throat to weight loss. Learn why home remedies are so popular and why sometimes a home remedy is the best solution.
How to Motivate Reluctant Learners - teachers, tutors and parents can learn more ways to motivate students.
Bartender Tips, Tricks and Drink Recipes - learn some of the terminology associated with partaking of alcoholic beverages and provide you with many of the most popular recipes requested on Spring Break or in your local pub.
The Edge of Success - if you have been working to grow your business  and feel as if you are sitting on the edge of success. Learn the strategies you need to double your sales.
Foundations of Strength - “Before you pick up a barbell …. read this”.   Useful strategies for building the habit of fitness (i.e. to make it easier for you to never miss workouts), simple tips and guidelines for making smart decisions about what to do before, during, and after your workouts.

How to Become a Superstar Student –This course instructs high school students in how to improve basic study skills and develop a genuine enthusiasm for learning. The first ten lectures are primarily intended for the student;  the last two also speak to parents.  This course comes with video clips.

NB.  Please email me for the video clips for each lecture.

Offline Marketing Secrets
In this report, you’ll find ways and tips to starting your own offline marketing business.

Supplementing for Diabetics

Looking at Diabetes and the need for supplements.

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