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Below are testimonials from persons satisfied with their decision to take up some of these opportunities listed here: Phone Credit Sales, Tweeting for Cash, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing and  Paid To Click programmes.  NB. you must become a member to add testimonials or please contact admin. Thanks.

Quotes Even though I'm working full-time and always busy, I am still trying to introduce people to the biz. I find that doing Coolbiz is alright. It's easy and fun and I don't have any problems with my customers. Quotes
Sashauna Rowe
"satisfied distributor"

Quotes I have been working at home for the past 3 years now and it has been great. As an Independent Business Owner, life has been good to me the potential is there to make a substantial income from the various products that we are presented with ? the sky is the limit. Quotes
Jacqueline Harbajan
satisfied home worker

Quotes Hello, a few years ago, when I noticed the way in which my boss controlled his time, I realized that having a personal business is the key to independence. Since then, I've found that working from home and being my own boss has impacted all aspects of my life. I have gained freedom to work with a real sense of accomplishment and if I stumble, I look for motivations. ?Success is achieved by those who try and keep trying with a positive mental attitude? ? W. Clement Stone Quotes
Mevonnie Hugh
Affiliate Marketer,I.B.O.

Quotes Hi, I've been an Independent Business Owner for Amway Global for three years. It is an excellent opportunity with little risk. They have many excellent Health, Beauty, Household products & more. My family and customers have all been very satisfied with their products . Quotes
David Erdos
Independent Business Owner

Quotes Working from home has impacted my life drastically. I have been doing it for over 3 years and my current salary could not maintain my lifestyle. I started earning a substantial income in addition to my Salary. I could pay ALL my bills every month and still have money left to save toward my goals and treat myself to something nice. The Jamaican aspect of this opportunity has allowed me to take my business anywhere. Quotes
F. Guthrie
"Now I control my destiny."