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Ways to Improve Your Business Personality - 3

Posted by Mevonnie Hugh on August 7, 2011 at 11:55 PM

You are developing a positive attitude; you are saying “Yes, I can,” but there are times when you want to scream “Noooo!” Remember, it is easy to be negative but when you approach problems with a positive view, you can solve them more easily.


“Once you replace negative words with positive words, you’ll start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson


Circumstances can arise when you are challenged to remain positive, but ask yourself “do I want a partnership/friendship or a battleground?” So what do you do when you must say “No”?


Face the situation; take a moment to analyze it, smile, and soften your tone and….


Imply the negative. Let your words suggest “no” without actually saying so.


E.g.: Someone asks you, the secretary of a mail order company, if you will allow him to have copies of your sales letters


You answer: “Our Company depends primarily on sales and collection letters for its business; they are for our use only.”


Use sentence structure. Place the “No” in the dependent clause of the sentence.


E.g.: Instead of saying: “You forgot to send me your shipping address.”


You say: “If you will give me your shipping address, I’ll send your order immediately.”


Make the negative impersonal. Make a ‘thing’ the subject of the sentence.


E.g.: Instead of saying: “You smudged the ink along the edges of some of the copies.”


You say: “The copier smudged the ink along the edges of some of the pages.”


Say what it is you can do. It is better to say what you can do instead of what you cannot do.


E.g.: Your partner asks: “Can I have your proposal by this evening?”


You say: “I can have it ready for you by 10am tomorrow morning.”


When you are faced with a negative situation, use them for growth. Use them to prepare for future events and propel into positive action. Practise changing negative statements to positive ones sincerely and feel yourself being lifted up instead of down.


Here are some positive words to help you:


ambitious   assure   assist   absolutely   able   assertive


bold   beautiful   blessed   beaming   brilliant   brave


can   cheerful   charming   capable   confident   commend


dependable   devoted   decisive   diligent   dynamic   delight


eloquent   energetic   efficient   enthusiastic   encourage   enjoy


fun   fantastic   focused   fearless   friendly   faith


great   grateful   generous   good   gorgeous   genuine


happy   hilarious   healthy   honoured   help   honest


impressive   intelligent   inspire   increase   inventive   imaginative


joy   jovial   jubilant   jest   joyful   just


kind   knowledge   key   keen   kiss   kind-hearted


laugh   love   learn   loyal   like   liberate


merit   motivate   manage   maintain   must   morale


noble   nourish   new   nice   nurture   normal


ok   open   outgoing   onward   opportune   original


pleasant   pleased   possible   produce   polite   prosper


quiet   quick   quality   qualified   quenching   quantity


reliable   rewarding   refreshing   right   remarkable   respect


success   sufficient   sure   strong   special   skilful


true   trust   terrific   tranquility   thrive   thank


uplift   useful   unique   ultimate   unbeatable   understanding


valuable   versatile   value   vitality   virtue   voracity


willing   wonderful   wise   warm   worthy   winner


yes   young   youthful   yeah   youth   yippee


zest   zealous   zeal   zippy   zesty   zestfully



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