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Ways to Improve Your Business Personality - 1

Posted by Mevonnie Hugh on July 10, 2011 at 11:10 PM

For success in business you need to be efficient in the work you perform and be able to satisfy your needs. You must be able to work along with others. In fact, if you are going to succeed in anything – your job, your marriage – your personality is what matters most.


Okay, you have qualifications but how far is that by itself going to get you? For example: Jenny is a secretary who is recently employed to a sales and service company. Sharon is a sales representative who has been working at that position for over ten years. Jenny is efficient at her job but she is unable to get along with Sharon who dislikes being ordered about by anyone other than her employer. They inevitably argued in front of customers and Jenny was fired.


Jenny was “the new kid on the block” and even though she knew how to get the job done, she had yet to satisfy all her needs. The need to feed, clothe and shelter; to become part of a group and share with them; to acquire possessions and to have others recognize her achievements. Failing to accomplish these had caused her to become impatient and disgruntled. Sadly, Jenny lost the job because she was unable to fit in with the team. She was intolerant.


If you want others to adjust to your wishes, you must first learn to adjust to theirs. Are you being helpful? Do you care about your appearance? How you carry yourself? How you speak? How you act? How you treat others? Are you making excuses for the unattractive side of your personality? Analyze yourself, accept your weaknesses and make a decision to replace them with more desirable traits.


You must want to learn, to believe that you can learn to improve your personality.  Take a step and walk with success.


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