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Easiest Way To Save

Posted by Mevonnie Hugh on March 26, 2013 at 8:55 PM


Easiest Way To Save


Whether you are saving for retirement, special sink fund or emergency funds, it can be a very difficult task to achieve.


Any financial advisor will tell you that you should save 10% or more of your monthly salary but these days an increasing number of persons are finding themselves taking out micro loans just to cover the basic necessities.


Many of us do not have the discipline to put money into our bank’s savings accounts regularly. If you get paid by direct deposit, you would think that it is just a matter of not spending your entire salary for the month. Some will withdraw down to the last dollar that the account will allow.  For others, if they do put something aside, it is soon spent on an ‘emergency thing’ or ‘need to take care of some business’.


You have often heard a friend saying "youneed to save something for a rainy day" or have you been saying "Lord I cannot save anything anymore" or "I can’t even cover all the bills, much less save anything".


You simply must find a way to save and I have a very easy solution for you. 


Get a sturdy container and every time you get home from work, shopping, school, whatever and you have leftover change, yes change like this:





Put them in your container and forget about them. Seriously, just forget about them. Store it somewhere totally out of sight, if you have to. Just don’t touch it!


You may place some into a smaller container and empty into your larger container once a week, but do not remove anything from it.


If you fall short for any reason, do not even think about it.


In a couple of years, you will have a pleasant surprise!


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