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Posted by Mevonnie Hugh on May 29, 2014 at 5:15 PM

I started Global Ad Share in April 2014 and bought a Mini Ad Pack for $5. With the Mini Ad Pack I was unable to place any advertisements as I was not an upgraded member. So I updated my profile then sat and did nothing but checked now and again to see how it was going. I noticed that from $0 my account started growing by cents daily. I did not upgrade but at the beginning of May I received an email that I had cycled and earned $20. I started referring persons and now with earnings of $25+ I have upgraded, $15 from my earnings, so that I can earn sponsor bonuses when my referrals upgrade.



As an upgraded member I can now advertise my links with the Standard Ad Pack which is automatic with the upgrade. I understand that I can purchase another Ad Pack to increase my profits and I can cash out at $10 but now with two Ad Packs working for me, I will be able to pay the monthly subscription from profit and not from my pocket. I like that.



Unlike some other matrix programme I joined last year which only took my money, I like that I can see where this is going. A one-time $5 payment? I definitely like this. I will let you know as soon as I cash out some of the profit.




So Global Ad Share is a revenue sharing, a matrix, and a cycler system all in one place. If you like revenue sharing programs but disappointed because none of them last very long and if you like matrices and cyclers but not cycling and earning fast enough, then you have come to the right place. They have combined a conventional matrix, a reverse matrix, a cycler and revenue sharing software so now you can have everything in ONE system.



First, join the program and buy a Mini Ad Pack for $5, a one-time payment. You can upgrade immediately or allow your ad pack to reach up to 150% profit or exceeds the initial $5 payment. By then you would have cycled and earned enough to cover your upgrade subscription.



Please remember that when you upgrade your account or buy Ad Packs, you are buying advertising services. Any income you earn is either commissions from sales or commissions from the results of sharing the services with others. When you share the services with others, you will be compensated for your time and efforts through commissions and bonuses.




Commissions are from actual purchases of advertising within the system. They are not paying a percentage; they are paying you commissions from sales... so the money is real. It is coming from the actual money already received by the system, not from money that will be received from "future" payments. Your commissions and the money in your account is real money, you can cash out anytime and get paid within 24 hours!




They have one of the best affiliate programmes in the industry. Unlike other "revenue sharing" sites, their members are not limited to income from profit sharing only. Even when your ad packs have expired, you still earn commissions from the matrix and cycler systems.






Get In Now and Watch Your Income Grow!


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UPDATE: I have received my withdrawal amount of $10 ok. I did not pay my 3rd monthly subscription. My second withrawal of $10 was not happening though. I had to wait until I had $20 accumulated, but I got that to my Paypal account in reasonable time. Now I am at $5.09 and growing. For something that I had nothing to do, I can say I made some cash doing almost nothing!

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