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Posted by Mevonnie Hugh on March 12, 2014 at 3:15 PM

   Would you like to see subject lines like these every other day?

“Your post has been marked approved for payment” OR

“Good news! You just got paid for tweeting”


You can if you take tweeting seriously!

Sponsored Tweets is an online marketplace that allows you to connect directly with advertisers who will compensate you with cash in exchange for specific tweeted conversations through Twitter. If you do not have an account with them you should hop over to Twitter and sign up.

Advertisers have the ability to look at your tweets and determine if they want to do business with you. As a Tweeter, you will always write the tweet in your own words based on the guidelines and examples provided by the Advertiser.


How it Works

1. Sign up

First things first. You need to sign up with Sponsored Tweets here. You must have at least 100 followers to be eligible for the programme but to make tweeting profitable, you should try to increase your followers.

2. Set Your Price

Once you have signed up, to get started you are required to set your price. According to your number of followers, a price will be suggested for you to use but it’s up to you to set your charge per tweet. I suggest that you charge a little less than what is suggested. For example: if you have 4,500 followers, you would be worth approximately $5 per tweet but you could charge $4 to appear more approachable to advertisers. After you have set your price, add some keywords then wait for offers to roll in from advertisers.

3. Choose your offers

Choose offers relative to your interests. As offers come in you can accept or reject them. You are required to disclose that your tweet is sponsored to protect you, your audience and the advertiser. Some basic phrases of disclosure are provided at Sponsored Tweets to help facilitate disclosure. Tweeters are able to choose from any of the phrases, so long as one of them is included in the tweet. A few examples of disclosure include:

• “Today’s tweets are brought to you by ACME Co”

• “I would like to thank my sponsor ACME Co”


These are usually coded so they would not be as long as you see here.

Choose your disclosure to make it clear to readers that there is a commercial connection between you and the advertiser. Then you ready to write the tweet. Always write the tweet in your own words based on the guidelines and examples provided by the Advertiser. Sometimes you can simply copy and paste it. In all instances you have to approve the message before it gets tweeted out for you.

4. Receive Payment

Payments are sent to your Paypal account. If you need a Paypal account, you can get one here. If you accept an offer, your account will be credited within 24 hours of your tweet. You can cash out once your account reaches $50. Or if you wish to cash out before, there is a fee of $2 for withdrawals less than $50.

Interact with your friends and try to increase your following. The more quality followers you have, the more your tweets will be worth and the more credible you become.

Here are some great sites to help you to increase your followers for free, fast:

1. Add Me Fast                2. You Like Hits                   3. Like-Ex                   4. Likes Planet

Special Tip from Sponsored Tweets

Balance is key

You need to find balance in your Twitter stream. Just because you get lots of offers doesn’t mean you should take every one, even if they all seem to be a good fit. Don’t over-saturate your Twitter stream with too many sponsored tweets. You take the risk of losing your followers and devaluing yourself to advertisers.

Don’t get greedy

Yes, we believe your voice is worth a lot of money, but we also recognize the need to provide advertisers with a solid return on investment. When you sign up for the platform we provide you with a suggested price. You can keep that price or adjust it up or down. If you choose to adjust it up we would advise against setting it too high. You will put yourself at a disadvantage in the marketplace and may never receive offers.

Now, wouldn’t you like to see subject lines like this every other day?

“Your post has been marked approved for payment” OR

“Good news! You just got paid for tweeting”

All the best,

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Increase your Twitter earning potential by joining other sites that offer this type of service. Check out IZEA and TweetInto. You could also join some of the freelancing sites in my blog Freelancing Income and offer your services to tweet for cash.

About the Author: Mevonnie Hugh is an affiliate marketer/ independent business owner who promotes business opportunities & healthy living both online and offline. Learn more at and


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