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Welcome to my website, ProEarn.  You Promote, You Earn$$$

     I'm a down-to-earth person who used to do the 9 to 5 dance, working as a secretary but never really cared for it.  I am also a no-nonsense mom who enjoys working from home;  an experienced Independent Business Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry; and a strong freelance professional who graduated from Duff's Business College. 

Proearn is my personal website, teaching individuals how to turn their skills into a business and start working for themselves. It also provides great ideas for beginners based on personal experience and research data. This may include direct sales, affiliate marketing and freelancing. Some or no investment required. The website has been operating since July 4, 2009 and is located at

Here one will find some of the easiest and legitimate Jamaican and international opportunities to jump start one’s financial freedom and unleash your earning potential.

Direct Sales

The number one opportunity is phone to Phone Credit Sales, available only in Jamaica.

How Does It Work?

Signup and a phone account is created and is linked to the phone number used for registration. The main point of sale for all transactions is a cell phone. A small investment is required to fund the phone account. Cash will be pulled from that account whenever an order for credit is placed. Members are asked to add the appropriate mark-up to the product for resale to customers. In addition to this retail profit, commissions are earned through points accumulated every month.   

Got Skills?

Learn to become a freelancer, earning money online or offline working with your skills.

Want to turn your skills into a full-time business freelancing from home?

Learn how to get the ball rolling by consulting with Learn Freelancing From Home

Low on skills?

Not to worry! Begin micro freelancing with Micro Jobs or Test Websites to start earning by simply following instructions properly. Little to no skill required.

Overall, Proearn offers motivation, guidance and tons of free information to the entrepreneur minded, looking to work from home. You can also become a member of my website to access special information and to be kept in the loop when I make updates.

      Please, feel free to have a look around and drop me a line.  I believe that success is a journey and I'm happy if you will travel along with me.


Among the above, we (my husband and I) also install electronic gate operators, barriers, turnstiles, gate entry access systems, cameras as well as solar installations. We are FAAC Italy certified with over 15 years experience.

Mevonnie Hugh 

Home Business Consultant                                                                                           

Kingston, Jamaica


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"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work,  and learning from failure." - Colin Powell