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Phone Credit Sales


Let's face facts!

1. Times are getting harder and a one job existence just can’t quite cut it anymore. You           need to supplement your income.

2. More & more people are using their cell phones and disconnecting their landlines.

3. An increasing number of persons need to buy credit for their cell phones.

Why not sell phone credit? All you need is a cell phone!

Allow me to introduce you to CLIQ Phone Credit Sales. It is not only a real Jamaican business, it is also very lucrative. A LIME phone and valid TRN# is required. Don't have a Lime phone? You can also sell via internet access using your computer, tablet or download the Cliq App to use with your Digicel smartphone.

Basically you'll be signing up and using your cell phone to sell phone to phone credit (direct top up) and electronic vouchers digitally via free text messages.  

When you signup, you'll receive a phone account to which you need to add funds. You will be selling credit from the money in your phone account.  When selling credit to a customer, you are expected to add your mark-up to the product. The retail profit you make is yours to keep so you are responsible for funding and managing your account as an independent business owner. 

Traditional physical cards are a headache!

Here’s the stress:     Your client scratched out a number

                                    Your client enters the number and sees “invalid number”

                                    You lost your cards

Check out Topup:     No risk of damaged cards

                                    No invalid card numbers

                                    No risk of losing cards

                                    No need to lug around multiple cards

                                    Sell both LIME/FLOW & Digicel from the same phone

                                    Sell FLOW and Digicel vouchers

                                    Sell any amount the customer wants-from 40 credits up

                                    Sell LIME/FLOW prepaid landline credit

What could be easier? You place an order, pay for it and credit is sent to your customer’s phone. It’s convenient, easy and fun; plus you can make serious money. Sell phone to phone credit from anywhere, anytime…your business is where you are.

Already selling phone credit? Need to boost sales? Get the Phone Credit Sales E-Book

Join CLIQ, join Team Proearn and you will be able to get into the phone credit sales business by using their platform to operate phone credit sales from your Lime phone or a computer. You can offer utility bill payment services to your customers as well as other services.  Here you will be able to earn monthly commissions whether you are a Retailer or a Wholesaler just for using the system to do your phone credit sales business. Work from home Jamaica.

Let’s look at the benefits and options for joining Cliq:


Cliq rewards you at the end of the month, just for using the system to do your business. For the personal points that you accumulate, you will get 50% back as cash on your phone account. Eg: If you gain 3,000 points you would get $1,500 cash back to your phone account. 

Cliq will reward you if you are building a team. You would earn approximately 0.5% of your network pool based on your efforts.

Cliq also rewards you with the '50 by 5' bonus. With that you are competing against yourself - if you make 50,000 points for the year, you will automatically earn $5,000 to your Cliq account.


As a Retailer you pay $125 for each 100 credit/airtime sale but in terms of commission you earn 50% value of Cliq points under 5,000 points. For every 100 credit sale, you earn 3 points for Digicel and 5 points for Lime.

For your first monthly bonus bracket – Your target would be doing $20,000 + sales at that stage. To multiply your earnings you would need to teach about 6 people to do $20,000 sales each on this plan to reach your first bonus bracket.


As a Wholesaler you pay $121 for each 100 credit/airtime sale but in terms of commission 5% value of Cliq points under 5,000 points. For every 100 credit sale, you earn 1/2 point.

For your first monthly bonus bracket – Your would still be doing $20,000+ sales at that stage. To multiply your earnings you would need to teach over 25 people to do $20,000 sales each on this plan to reach your first bonus bracket.


If you choose the Retailer option and sign up other Retailers, you tend to earn your commissions at a much faster rate than if you sign up as a Wholesaler and recruit others. PLUS you earn more points as a Retailer and so earn more cash back on your personal sales at the end of the month.

If you are only interested in the retail profit in hand you make on your personal sales, the CLIQ Wholesale option is for you.

On the other hand, if you wish to build a network and earn increasing monthly commissions, you need to create a CLIQ Retail account.

BONUSES! Signup for a CLIQ account  and get on Team Proearn and receive $125 to your phone account along with a copy of my FREE Report   - PHONE CREDIT SALES: Tips To Help Improve Your Business. 

Learn how to start with little or no out of pocket money. Learn how to increase your sales! And more!


Still have questions? Have a look at the video below:

If you would like to maximize your profits and earn $Rewards,  join Team Proearn to get started with a CLIQ account today.  Must have a LIME mobile cell phone OR 24/7 immediate internet access.  Must be 18 years or older to participate.  Available in Jamaica only.  
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