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How To Get Paid For Tweeting

Here is a great way to monetize not only your Twitter account, but also Youtube, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You must have over 1,000 followers to participate.

In the Izea Sponsorship Marketplace, there are two main ways that allows you to connect directly with advertisers. They can make you a direct offer at the asking price you set per connection or they can choose to accept the bid that you create.

You will be able to enter a bid on opportunities for which you meet the segmentation criteria set by the advertiser when creating an open bidding opportunity.

You will be able to view open bids on the dashboard of your creator profile. The number in the blue oval next to 'Open Bids' lets you know how many opportunities are available for bid.  If the opportunity is of interest to you, you can enter a bid by clicking the 'Bid' button.

You can set the price you wish to be paid and you will have a text field to express your qualifications.  Don't forget to submit your bid when you are done!  Once successfully submitted, you will see the open bid under the 'pending ' tab on your 'Sponsorships' page.

Sign up as a Creator and start getting paid to tweet! Blab!  Monetize your Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr and more!

                                            Watch how it works below......