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EARN an additional $250 per week!

Yes, you can earn free internet income using your computer, tablet, or smart phone when you join SFI (Strong Future International).

Basically, as a regular SFI affiliate, you can start earning money by accumulating VersaPoints. Each time you complete an action on your SFI To-Do List, you instantly earn the points attached to that action.

So, your first objective in SFI is to earn as many VersaPoints as you can on the first day you signup.  The more VP you score, the higher your rank and the more you can earn from the TripleClicks Executive Pool. NB. you earn more from the pool if you achieve EA (Executive Affiliate) status or higher.

Check out the 18 ways you can earn free VP with SFI

Next, increase your earnings by generating sales at TripleClicks. This is like your personal store to promote. Every product at has a CV (Commission Volume) value.

Each time someone you refer to TripleClicks store or SFI buys something from the store, you earn a sweet 45% CV Direct Commission!  PLUS, you also earn all the VersaPoints on the order too if they are a TripleClicks member only and not an SFI affiliate.

When you become an Executive Affiliate (EA), Refer ECAs (E-Commerce Associates) to TripleClicks and you can earn upfront VersaPoints and cash royalties for life! Simply refer companies that sell products to your ECA Gateway. When they become approved ECAs, you can earn VP and 10% of the Commission Volume on all of their sales at–for life! Plus, you'll earn an immediate 100 VP when your ECA lists their first product.

Then maximize your income with sponsoring and duplication. Whenever you sign up an affiliate, help them to become active doing what you do. Try to build a first generation downline of at three to five affiliates minimum who are just as motivated as you are.  Co-sponsor affiliates and add monthly 15% commissions and matching VersaPoints to your status. 

Act as an advertiser for SFI and earn supplemental income by getting others to take actions such as filling out forms. Earn up to $10 per action with SFI's Pay-Per-Action (SFIPPA) programme.

Get on my team and I'll be happy to help you strategize to earn all you can with this programme.

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Hey, if you don't see my picture and number 10127459 when you get to SFI, don't signup!  It means that your are getting on the wrong team. Lots of dishonest people out there hijacking links.

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